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Delicious gingerbread, warm and peppery cinnamon, fresh pine, and pumpkin spice, our Christmas Collection brings you four beautiful festive scents to delight your nostrils this holiday season. Now LIVE: Christmas Collection

Lumen and Luxe - Luxury Soy Candles, Sprays and Pillow Mist

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Monochrome Collection

At Lumen + Luxe we aim to create natural and sustainable luxury. Our soy candles are handmade in small batches using 100% plant based soy wax, crackling wooden wicks and high quality and organic essential and fragrance oils.

Concrete Candles

Handmade with love and a whole lot of mess, each one of our concrete candles is individually set and poured with your favourite scent, creating a 100% custom made, unique candle.

Room Sprays + Diffusers

Long lasting, crisp and strong, with just a few sprays into the air our Ambience room sprays will freshen up and revitalise your space.

Essential Oils Collection

We choose 100% natural ingredients and high quality and organic essential oils for our essential oils candles and mists, so they not only smell amazing, but are also packed full with all of nature’s benefits.

Welcome to Lumen + Luxe

Here at Lumen + Luxe we believe unequivocally that beautiful scents can improve our lives.

We celebrate diversity with fragrances inspired from around the world.

With a boutique selection of some of the finest scents gathered during our travels, a Lumen + Luxe fragrance will help set the mood for a dinner party, some romance or just a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Marina. x

Candles that give back

Meet Tsuno, Love is Love and Flora

At Lumen + Luxe, giving back and partnering with organisations to raise awareness and funds to support causes close to our heart is an integral part of our value system and commitment to helping people live the life they want. Meet Tsuno, Love is Love and Flora, the candles that will not only make your space smell amazing, but will also help support women empowerment, mental health, and breast cancer research and awareness.

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Our Most Loved Scents

Not sure what you're after? Explore our most popular scents. From Kauai Coconut to New York, New York, these beauties are receiving so much love from our lovely customers, we are sure you will love them too.

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