We make candles, perfume diffusers, room sprays and mists for you to celebrate, set the mood, and relax with. Because we believe unequivocally that beautiful scents can improve our lives.

Lighting a candle in the morning to start the day, in the afternoon while taking 15 minutes to recharge, or in the evening to unwind after a long and busy day, scent plays an important part in our daily routine.

Scent can greatly influence our brain activity and help improve our lives.

The sense of smell is the strongest of the senses and the only one directly connected to our brain. The smell receptors in our nose communicate with the same areas of the brain that store our memories and process our emotions and learning.

Scent plays an important role in our lives as it influences our behaviour:

  • The Limbic system controls our emotions and the learning and formation of memories.
  • It is located in the middle of the brain on both sides of the thalamus, just beneath the cerebrum.
  • This complicated collection of nerves and networks in the brain is the epicenter for basic emotions, and human drives and motivations
  • Scents tap into our emotions and therein rests their power to influence and motivate.

This is why scent can greatly influence our emotions, moods, and behaviours. And by creating fragrances that bring positive experiences to our everyday activities and contribute to our self care routines, we want to help boost people’s happiness and improve people’s lives.

Our Persian Oud is inspired by the sultry Arabian nights.

Fragrances that help you create the perfect atmosphere to unwind at the end of a long and busy day. Fragrances that help you glam up your household chores and make folding laundry feel like a day at the spa. Fragrances that add a little bit of zing to your morning routine to help you start the day right. Fragrances that help you stay focused and motivated and improve your productivity. Fragrances that take you on a trip around the world from the comfort of your lounge.

Each one of our fragrances tells a story inspired from our travels. And each one of our candles, diffusers, sprays, essential oils rollers and mists is handmade by us in our small Brisbane studio using natural and sustainable ingredients. From the pure vegetable soy and coconut wax and the crackling wooden wicks of our candles to the recyclable glass containers, and the all natural ingredients and essential oils we use for our essential oils rollers and mists, we aim to create products that respect and do not harm the earth.

From our studio to your home, I hope our home fragrances bring happiness to your days!

Marina. x