Waste Not: Our Shared Responsibility to Protect our Environment

Here at Lumen + Luxe we are passionate about keeping our planet and the environment healthy. We aim to create products that are natural, sustainable, and do not harm the earth.

As today is World Environment Day, we thought it is a good time to share a little bit about what choices we make and what actions we take to protect our environment.

This is how we do it.

We Choose Pure Soy and Coconut Wax

  • Our soy and coconut wax is natural, sustainable and renewable, it is produced in a way that cares for our planet and it promotes growth, not depletion.
  • Our soy and coconut wax is a 100% plant based, natural wax. It does not contain herbicides, pesticides, petroleum, animal, or insect products.
  • Our soy and coconut wax is 100% vegan.

We Choose Natural Wooden Wicks

  • Our wooden wicks are natural and burn clean, with minimal carbon build-up and minimal debris and sooting.
  • Our wooden wicks come from responsibly managed forests, both environmentally and socially: they are naturally processed and sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified mills in the USA – FSC certified forests are healthy, they benefit local communities as well as provide jobs for workers.
  • Our wooden wicks are eco friendly and sustainable: they are made of 100% wood (no lead or zinc thank you), and for every $150 we spend on wooden wicks, a tree is planted by Trees.org.

We Choose Recyclable Glass Containers

  • Our candles, sprays, diffusers, and rollers are made using 100% recyclable glass jars and bottles.
  • Our glass jars and bottles require less energy to manufacture and recycle compared to plastic, as they are made from natural materials such as sand, soda ash, and limestone.
  • Our glass jars and bottles can also be recycled and reused endlessly, and we also offer to have them refilled.

We Choose to Work with Carbon-Neutral Delivery Partners

  • All our delivery partners are 100% carbon-neutral.

What actions do you take to protect our environment? Do you have questions or comments for us? Leave us a note below.

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Marina. x

Image source: UN Environment

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