Women in Business

Gorgeous setting by the Brisbane river for our sunrise breakfast

Ok, so I’m agonising over our next post, instead of writing it I’ve spent months avoiding it. Ask @ohmmyyoga she will be able to tell you first hand.

This week Marina and I were invited to a sunrise breakfast hosted by Emma from @CanvastCo, Emma is a gorgeous business chick we met at Sydney Instyle a few months back.

I was excited, other people were not. Breakfast? 5.30am? that’s crazy. I loved the idea. Mornings are best for me, peak performance, kids still sleeping, the early bird catches the worm and all that, besides the fact I hadn’t been out of the house for weeks following shoulder surgery so I was practically chomping at the bit to talk the ears off some strangers.

As we get closer to the breakfast a group message goes out on Instagram giving us the location and time, all in a secrete squirrel kind of way. It was great getting to know people just through their responses.

The morning of the breakfast I had been struck down by gastro which I had been fighting for days. Disappointing to say the least. Marina flew the Lumen + Luxe flag taking down some of our natural Lemon Myrtle + Mandarin babies to hold a glow as the sun rose.

The purpose of this post was to not tell you how excited I was at the idea of breakfast (some of it was!) Marina and I felt grateful to be invited to a breakfast, not because it was so early, not because we love to eat breakfast (well M does) but it was just because Emma invited us. The invitation wasn’t to come and flog product, for us to put products in bags, get our glad rags on and to grease a room. It was purely out of the kindness of her heart that she wanted all the girls she had met on her journey as a small business owner to get together and meet. That’s it. Dead simple.

The idea of women supporting each other in business and in their personal lives is one which is ruminated on often. Marina and I truly believe that we need to support other women, to help them grow and develop in their lives not just for them but for us. It keeps us grounded. It keeps us grateful. It keeps us going.

Before you think about double crossing, two timing, bad mouthing, cyber bullying or putting another woman down, ask yourself what you would like done for you. Think about helping them up. If that means listening to them download, perhaps writing them a note of support, or simply inviting them to a breakfast just because.


Kyla. x