Persian Oud Soy Candle

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“Persian Oud is my absolute favourite scent. It’s warm, rich aroma takes me back to my Middle Eastern travels and I love the cracking of the wooden wick. The scent easily fills my home and everyone comments on how beautiful it is as soon as they walk through the door.” -Andrea ★★★★★

A rich oriental blend, Persian Oud fuses rare oud wood with cedar, amber, musk, and light powdery jasmine. Inspired by the sultry Arabian nights where this earthy scent wafts past abayas through the spice souk’s jostling, smoke-filled corridors, light this candle on a cold and rainy evening to bring warmth into your home.

Top: jasmine
Middle: oud wood and cedar
Base: amber and musk


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Medium candle: 200g, jar height 87mm, diameter 74mm. Large candle: 300g, jar height 100mm, diameter 85mm. XL candle: 480g, jar height 110mm, diameter 98mm.


Here at Lumen + Luxe we aim to create natural and sustainable luxury. With a selection of the finest scents inspired from our travels, our home fragrances are handcrafted in small batches in our Brisbane studio.

Our soy and coconut wax is 100% plant based, free from herbicides, pesticides, petroleum, animal, and insect products. It is non GMO, non toxic, sustainable and eco friendly.

Our  wooden wicks are pure wood. They are naturally processed and sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified mills and manufactured in the USA. FSC certified forests are healthy, they benefit local communities as well as provide jobs for workers.

Our wooden wicks are non toxic, sustainable and eco friendly, and for every $150 of wooden wicks we buy, Trees.org plants a tree.

Our glass jars are 100% recyclable, and we refill! Bring us your empty container and get 10% off your next purchase.

We choose to send your online orders with a 100% carbon neutral courier.

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To ensure an even and smoke free burn, trim your candle’s wooden wick to a maximum length of 5mm before each burn. Do not burn your candle unattended. Discontinue burning when you have 8mm of wax remaining. For more candle care tips, read through our detailed FAQ section. If you still have questions, you can contact us here.

17 reviews for Persian Oud Soy Candle

  1. Jim

    The Persian Oud Soy candle has a wonderful scent, the sound of the burning wick has a calming effect and the aroma is throughout my entire home.
    Its a great product.

  2. Andrea Parker

    I recently purchased a few more of my favourite scent Persian Oud…..I can’t get enough of this warm and exotic fragrance

  3. Kimberley Kirchen

    My house has never smelt so luxurious. I have had some really beautiful scents in the past but Lumen and Luxe is on a different level! orders from my husband ‘you can never buy another candle brand again, I love the smell of our bedroom’.

  4. Andrea Parker

    I’m an absolute addict. I love Lumen and Luxe candles with the wood wick crackle and can’t get enough of the Persian Oud scent with it’s exotic yet not over baring scent. It fills my house inside and out with a luxurious quality scent

  5. Nicole

    Took a chance and ordered 2 candles although I have never purchased and smelled either before, both are dreamy but this one is my favourite. Lovely scent that lasts, not overly sweet or overpowering which is exactly how I like my candles, the scent is divine if you like exotic smelling candles like I do, can’t recommend enough and will definitely be repurchasing…

  6. Jasmin

    WOW the best smell ever…my house inside and outside smell so nice.

  7. Carly Saggiomo

    First introduced to scent when we went to a family photo shoot and the photographer was burning this candle in her studio. Smells divine – was out of stock when I initially went to order, so I’m pleased it was restocked! Have since reordered in a larger size because the large is possibly a little small for my space. Want to make sure one is ready to go when I have finished the burn time on the one I have!

  8. James

    The Persian Oud candles have an amazing aroma. They are ambrosial and create a relaxing and comforting environment throughout your home.

  9. Bec

    Lovely scented candles that linger in all rooms of the house, even when not lit. The candle with the reed diffuser is a real winner

  10. Toni

    I absolutely love the smell. I love how it fills my house. I am looking forward to trying it in the diffuser.

  11. Teneil

    Persian Oud is a repeat purchase for me – I love it so much! Unique and intoxicating – I can’t get enough of it!

  12. Julie McAlister

    Love the scent of the Persian Oud candle and have purchased for several friends /family members who have commented on its perfume.

  13. Julia Muller

    Yet another stunning candle from my go-to, Lumen & Luxe! I bought the medium size for our main bathroom, and it not only looks beautiful, it smells amazing. Will be yet another fave to add to my ever-growing list!

  14. Andrea Parker

    Persian Oud is my absolute favourite scent. It’s warm, rich aroma takes me back to my Middle Eastern travels and I love the cracking of the wooden wick. The scent easily fills my home and everyone comments on how beautiful it is as soon as they walk through the door.

  15. Vicky

    I would like to tell you how much I love this candle, but it disappeared pretty soon after it arrived! My son’s bedroom smells a whole lot better though, apparently!

  16. Jay Ahrens

    Wow!! I fell in love with the smell of Oud when I was in the uk in a Jo Malone store . This scent is off the charts It’s euphoric and just delicious. My partner said wow the villa smells so nice, I absolutely love it best candles ever i will be doing another order very soon.

  17. AJ

    This candle was a gift from my Mum and one that was on the list that I wanted to get. Living in the Middle East this one is lovely and it’s nice to burn on the balcony overlooking the water in the heat! Thanks Mum!

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Our medium size is great for traveling or testing new scents in smaller spaces like bathrooms. It’s also the perfect desk candle. Burns for approximately 40 hours
This size is great for the bedroom and burns for approximately 60 hours
This size is perfect for open plan living spaces and burns for approximately 80 hours
Each melts pack includes six cubes, simply pop one cube into the top of your oil burner and enjoy!

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