Tahitian Lemongrass Soy Candle

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“I am in love with this candle. I have tracked you down for a second. Thank you Lumen + Luxe. The Lemongrass is so fresh in the house. These will be my go to gifts as they last longer than other candles an the wooden wick has a little crackle when the house is quiet – it’s perfection.” -Suzanne ★★★★★

Fresh and light, Tahitian Lemongrass combines cool lemongrass with zesty lime and lemon peel. With an added soft floral undertone and a burst of passionfruit, this is the perfect scent to use all year round, it will instantly freshen up and invigorate your home.

Top: lime zest and lemon peel
Middle: lemongrass and jasmine
Base: rosewood and passionfruit


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Here at Lumen + Luxe we aim to create natural and sustainable luxury. With a selection of the finest scents inspired from our travels, our home fragrances are handcrafted in small batches in our Brisbane studio.

Our soy and coconut wax is 100% plant based, free from herbicides, pesticides, petroleum, animal, and insect products. It is non GMO, non toxic, sustainable and eco friendly.

Our  wooden wicks are pure wood. They are naturally processed and sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified mills and manufactured in the USA. FSC certified forests are healthy, they benefit local communities as well as provide jobs for workers.

Our wooden wicks are non toxic, sustainable and eco friendly, and for every $150 of wooden wicks we buy, Trees.org plants a tree.

Our glass jars are 100% recyclable, and we refill! Bring us your empty container and get 10% off your next purchase.

We choose to send your online orders with a 100% carbon neutral courier.

Follow our adventure on social media @lumenandluxe and be the first to know about latest trends, new products, and special offers. Sign up to our mailing list here and receive exclusive offers only available to our Lumen + Luxe family.


To ensure an even and smoke free burn, trim your candle’s wooden wick to a maximum length of 5mm before each burn. Do not burn your candle unattended. Discontinue burning when you have 8mm of wax remaining. For more candle care tips, read through our detailed FAQ section. If you still have questions, you can contact us here.

22 reviews for Tahitian Lemongrass Soy Candle

  1. Suzanne

    I am in love with this candle. I have tracked you down for a second. Thank you Lumen + Luxe.
    The Lemongrass, Persian Lime + Passionfruit is so fresh in the house.
    These will be my go to gifts as they last longer than other candles an the wooden wick has a little crackle when the house is quiet – it’s perfection.

  2. sarah

    Beautiful scent, strong but not overpowering, absolutely love it

  3. Jodie

    Absolutely divine, makes my house smell like a Piña Colada!

  4. Sarah

    Beautiful fresh scent, this one is so refreshing and clean! Love it!

  5. carolyn

    Gorgeous refreshing scent that fills the house:)

  6. Rachele King

    OMG!! My absolute favourite!!! Can not get enough of this scent😍

  7. Sherryl Kershaw

    I love the smell of this candle

  8. Kathryn Ross

    Bought these candles for Christmas presents. I love the scent of these candles

  9. Sharon Karpis

    Really love this candle, it’s my first purchase from the company and I have to say I’m extremely happy with the product. The candle burned perfectly and the fragrance is just gorgeous. Can’t wait to try my other candles that I purchased 🙂

  10. Gloria

    I love this soy candle. The wooden wick is different, and the perfume permeates my entire loungeroom. Love it.

  11. Bill Kalogeropoulos

    Love this for when the weather gets warmer.
    Such a rich fragrance where you do smell all the notes
    Great work Marina!!

  12. Kaye Werner

    Love this one, such a beautiful fresh and tangy scent without being sickly..well done Marina!!!

  13. Elly Berkley

    Smells amazing ! Going to buy it in the large next

  14. Daniela Giudice

    This is my favorite, Absolutely love this smell. I really wish you would make this scent an essential oil then my whole house would smell amazing.

  15. leah

    beautiful fresh scented candle, makes the whole room smell divine. will be back soon for another one!

  16. Kym

    The most refreshing (but in no way overpowering) scent. I love it. It’s the perfect scent for my office, and the wooden wick has the most comforting crackle. I highly recommend it.

  17. Anita

    This smell is amazing – not one person I know doesn’t love it when they smell this at my place.

  18. Kylie

    MAGIC in a jar!! Delight the senses with this amazing fragrance. My neighbours can smell this from over the fence.. Absolutely divine and my every order go too..

  19. Lauren

    This candle is my favourite! It smells so fresh and fills my very open home unlike other candles. The best part about Lumen & Luxe candles is they ALWAYS burn perfectly and they never tunnel!

  20. Jessica

    Amazing scent! Strong, zingy and summery. One of my absolute favourite candle scents. It fills large spaces really well

  21. Kate Gleeson

    My all time favourite! I just love this scent!

  22. Kym O’Gorman

    I’ve bought this candle three times over – it’s my absolute favourite. When people walk into my office they immediately comment on the scent – it’s so fresh and energising. I love the crackle of the wood wick, and I know this won’t be the last time I buy it.

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Our medium size is great for traveling or testing new scents in smaller spaces like bathrooms. It’s also the perfect desk candle. Burns for approximately 40 hours
This size is great for the bedroom and burns for approximately 60 hours
This size is perfect for open plan living spaces and burns for approximately 80 hours
Each melts pack includes six cubes, simply pop one cube into the top of your oil burner and enjoy!

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